McCarthy Building Companies, Inc. has been awarded a $30.9M contract to upgrade the Barbours Cut Terminal Container Yards 4 and 5 for the Port Houston Authority (PHA). The project is part of a modernization program to increase cargo handling efficiency. McCarthy will complete rehabilitation of the existing sites in an accelerated 13-month schedule. Container Yard 4 broke ground in Oct. 2023 and it will be followed by Container Yard 5.

The project scope involves removing old underground utilities and installing new utilities including laying a total of 695 feet of reinforced concrete pipe, laying 3,300 linear feet of nearly four-foot trench drains, reworking roadways into the site, and putting in three and half feet of base before laying joint enforced pavement. McCarthy is self-performing the concreate paving. The combined sites total 82,720 square yards (or 630,000 square feet).

McCarthy completed the Barbours Cut Terminal Container Yard 3N in June 2022, in addition to 2N in 2017 and Container Yard 1N in 2014.