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McCarthy Engineering Associates adds geotechnical services

WEST LAWN, PA. — Civil engineering firm McCarthy Engineering Associates Inc. has expanded its service offerings to include geotechnical engineering, adding to its portfolio of site development and environmental services for both public and private sectors throughout eastern Pennsylvania. McCarthy Engineering Associates said this new service enables the company to offer a wider array of services, including well monitoring, soils investigation, soil testing, foundation systems, compaction grouting, nuclear density testing, structural engineering, design and inspections.

Geotechnical engineering investigates existing subsurface conditions and materials, determining the physical and chemical properties that are relevant to the planned project. These observations provide information needed to assess the risks posed by site conditions and help determine the proper design of structural foundations and constructions.

“We’ve seen a growth in business and renewed interest in land development, compared to 2009,” said Jim McCarthy, P.E., founder of McCarthy Engineering Associates.
“By expanding our capabilities to include geotechnical engineering, we are able to better facilitate our clients’ engineering needs.”

For more information about McCarthy Engineering Associates, please visit www.mccarthy-engineering.com.