CLEVELAND – The Metal Building Manufacturers Association (MBMA) has just released the 2010 Supplement to the 2006 MBMA Metal Building Systems Manual. This new update integrates the 2009 edition of the International Building Code (IBC) into the manual. as well as updates to many chapters.

MBMA chairman Chuck Haslebacher says, “The 2010 update is an example of how the MBMA is fulfilling its mission to enhance the collective interests of the metal building systems industry. MBMA’s Technical Committee, under the leadership of Dr. W. Lee Shoemaker, has assembled some of the best engineering and mechanical talent in our industry to publish this state-of-the-art supplement.”

The 2010 Supplement to the 2006 Metal Building Systems Manual includes a new procedure for assessing longitudinal wind drag on open buildings as well as background information on the testing that led to this procedure. Other revisions and additions include, but are not limited to, a new seismic design example for metal buildings with concrete masonry walls (hardwalls), new Underwriters Laboratories (UL) fire resistance listings for head-of-wall (HOW) joints, information on the newly created International Accreditation Service, Inc. (IAS) AC472 inspection program for manufacturers of metal building systems, a discussion on one-sided welding, and an updated section on lightning protection.

Visit to download your free copy of the 2010 supplement or to order a printed edition of the 2006 Metal Building Systems Manual.