SPRINGFIELD, MISSOURI  – Toth and Associates, Inc. (TOTH) is thrilled to announce that Matt Miller and Shawn Barry have been designated as Vice Presidents and have become shareholders in the company.  Miller and Barry will join the company’s corporate leadership, including Louis Toth, Adam Toth, Lewis Wiles, Brian Orr, Joe Tierney, and Jeff Mueller, all professional engineers.

Miller and Barry have developed TOTH’s civil engineering department from the ground up. Initially, TOTH’s civil engineers functioned as support for their other engineering disciplines.  Miller was brought on, shortly followed by Barry, to develop new clients and revenue streams by expanding civil engineering into a core discipline.  Since joining the company, they have both done an excellent job at growing the department, which has experienced year-over-year revenue growth annuallyince 2014.

Matt Miller graduated in 2006 with a Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering and earned his Professional Engineer license in 2011.  After approximately six (6) years with two other firms, Miller came to TOTH in 2012 to develop the civil engineering department. Miller has over 14 years of experience in civil design of projects ranging from potable water main extensions and multi-lane roadway projects to commercial & institutional site design.

“I’m grateful for the faith TOTH has had in Shawn and me as we’ve built the civil department and now for the designations as Vice Presidents,” stated Miller. “We wouldn’t be at this point without a talented team to work with and great clients to work for.  This new position confirms civil engineering as one of the company’s core disciplines and acknowledges our team’s hard work and dedication.  That team of engineers and technicians is highly skilled and takes immense pride in their work for our clients.  I’m proud to represent them and the company as Vice President.”

Shawn Barry graduated in 2004 with a Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering and earned his Professional Engineer license in 2009.  Barry came to TOTH in 2013 after nine (9) years with two other organizations.  Barry has served as the project manager on a broad spectrum of civil engineering projects within his 15 years of professional experience.

“It is fun and challenging to help build and grow TOTH’s civil engineering department,” said Barry. “We have assembled a gifted team of engineers and technicians. Without them, we wouldn’t be where we are today. This new position acknowledges that team and all of the hard work they’ve put in.  I’m thankful for TOTH recognizing these efforts with the Vice President designations.  I’m very excited about where our civil team will continue to take the department and the company in the future.”

Miller and Barry were well known to the TOTH leadership team before they were hired in 2012 and 2013.  Knowing their work ethic, personalities, and skills as engineers made it clear who TOTH wanted to build and lead a civil engineering department. That foresight has paid off and is recognized with this promotion.   “We are proud to have Matt and Shawn as part of the TOTH family and are fortunate to have them represent their department and us as VPs of the company into the future,” said Toth.

Under Miller’s and Barry’s leadership, TOTH’s civil engineering department has grown to offer a full slate of civil engineering services.  Those services include stormwater management, transportation, potable water, wastewater, and site development.  Their team has worked for numerous clients throughout Missouri and across the country.  These clients include municipalities, architects, developers, and other government agencies.

About Toth and Associates, Inc.

Established in 2003, Toth and Associates, Inc. (TOTH) is a full-service consulting engineering firm specializing in electric utility engineering, structural engineering, civil engineering, land surveying, utility rate studies, and GIS/mapping. TOTH serves a wide range of clients, including electric cooperatives, public and private utilities, municipalities, architects, and educational institutions across the country.  Headquartered out of Springfield, MO, TOTH has additional offices in Portland and Hermiston, OR.  TOTH is committed to providing high-caliber, professional expertise grounded in experience and shared knowledge supported by skilled staff and innovation. TOTH’s vision is stronger communities through reliable engineering design.