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Mason wins RIBA approval

Mason wins RIBA approval

~ Acoustic specialist gains recognition for quality CPD seminars ~

Acoustic specialist, Mason UK, has secured approval from the Royal Institute of British Architects for its educational seminars. Recognition from RIBA helps further cement the company’s reputation as a provider of quality educational content for architects, acousticians and mechanical engineers.

Continual professional development (CPD) courses are an essential part of many industries and Mason UK has been helping provide educational content in its area of specialism, acoustic isolation. Architects and mechanical engineers can take advantage of these resources, which now have the RIBA stamp of approval.

The latest course, ‘Design and Construction of Box in Box Systems’ covers box in box isolation, which is used to isolate one part of a building from another. Further courses and talks will be added in the future.

Mason UK is often consulted for its products and expertise in box in box isolation. For example, an architect might want to isolate a cinema from the rest of a building, to make sure audiences can enjoy viewings in peace, or they might want to isolate a recording studio from other parts of building, to eliminate noise disturbance in a residential area. The company and its experienced engineers have worked closely on many projects like these and have drawn on this expertise in their provision of CPD materials.

To reach the required standard for RIBA approval, any educational content goes through a thorough screening process. RIBA has extensive rules that need to be adhered to, ensuring the outcome is a resource that is both high in quality and free from commercial bias.

The latest talk from Mason UK enhances the company’s growing reputation as a provider of expertise in vibration isolation and architectural noise control. The company’s engineers have already provided regular talks with the Institute of Acoustics (IOA) and delivered papers at international conferences.

Vibration or acoustic isolation has often proven to be a popular topic with engineers and architects. Acoustics is often seen as mysterious area and Mason UK is hoping to cut through the overly technical language and make the subject more accessible to architects and mechanical engineers.

“Providing these talks is a key part of what we do,’ explained Adam Fox, company director of Mason UK. “This helps us connect directly with architects and engineers and allows us to channel our expertise into valuable courses. They’re also good fun to develop and participate in, so we look forward to doing more in the future.”

Celebrating the company’s acquisition of RIBA approval for his latest talk, Adam commented that the approval was ‘welcome recognition for the effort we have made and shows that we are more than just a supplier of products.’

Mason UK is a specialist in vibration isolation and architectural noise control. For help and guidance on your architectural project, you can contact 01252 716610 or email info@masonuk.co.uk.