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Maris-Tech was Chosen by Governmental Agency to Develop and Deliver Automotive related Video Solution

<strong>Maris-Tech was Chosen by Governmental Agency to Develop and Deliver Automotive related Video Solution</strong>

REHOVOT, Israel, April 04, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Maris-Tech Ltd. (Nasdaq: MTEK, MTEKW) (“Maris-Tech” or the “Company”), a B2B provider of intelligent video transmission technology with artificial intelligence (AI) acceleration for edge platforms, today announced that it has been selected by a governmental agency to develop and deliver the Jupiter Automotive, a Home Land Security (“HLS”), automotive related, video solution based on the Company’s Jupiter platform. This solution will become a technology enabler for a variety of automotive applications in the defense, HLS and commercial markets. The order is in the amount of $100,000 and it is expected to be delivered to the customer during the year 2023.

“We are happy to have been awarded this important project by the governmental agency. The Jupiter Automotive may be incorporated in the future into Maris Edge, combined with AI capabilities, and become an important building block for advanced AI based automotive applications,” Said Israel Bar, Chief Executive Officer of Maris-Tech.

Jupiter is a low latency video encoding and decoding platform designed to handle multiple video channels. Jupiter delivers real-time intelligence gathering and analytics based situational awareness capabilities. Jupiter features intelligent video transmission technologies with high quality video, superior energy efficiency, and miniaturized form factor that is suitable for a wide range of platforms and applications.

The Jupiter, and other advance products that are based on its platform, including Jupiter NANO and Jupiter- AI, are being sold today around the world, using the Company’s marketing channels.