Maris-Tech Initiates up to $1 Million Share Repurchase Plan Process


REHOVOT, Israel, Maris-Tech Ltd. (Nasdaq: MTEK) (“Maris-Tech” or the “Company”), a B2B provider of intelligent video transmission technology, today announced that its board of directors has authorized a share repurchase plan (the “Repurchase Plan”) allowing the Company to invest up to $1 million to repurchase its ordinary shares, no par value (the “Ordinary Shares”).

The Repurchase Plan authorizes the Company’s management to repurchase Ordinary Shares, from time to time, in open market transactions, and/or in privately negotiated transactions or in any other legally permissible ways, depending on market conditions, share price, trading volume and other factors. Such repurchases will be made in accordance with applicable U.S. securities laws and regulations, under the U.S. Securities Exchange Act of 1934, as amended, and applicable Israeli law, and are subject to the approval of the Israeli court, which is meant to ensure that the Company has enough resources for the Repurchase Plan without affecting its other on-going obligations and commitments.

The Repurchase Plan does not obligate the Company to repurchase any specific number of the Ordinary Shares and may be suspended or terminated at any time at management’s discretion.

About Maris-Tech Ltd.

Maris-Tech is a B2B provider of intelligent video transmission technology, founded by veterans of the Israel technology sector with extensive electrical engineering and imaging experience. Our products are designed to meet the growing demands of commercial and tactical applications, delivering high-performance, compact, low power and low latency solutions to companies worldwide, including leading electro-optical payload, RF datalink and unmanned platform manufacturers as well as defense, HLS, and communication companies. For more information, visit