WASHINGTON, D.C. – Manufacturers are endorsing the progress ICC-ES has made over the past year in the ESR, Building Product and PMG listing programs. Initiatives and programs launched as part of a commitment to respond to ICC-ES customers’ needs to get their products swiftly into the marketplace has been well received by ICC-ES customers. That is why ICC-ES is experiencing a record year in the areas of building product evaluation, as well as Plumbing, Mechanical and Gas Product evaluation.

“I have noticed a significant and marked increase in the response of ICC-ES,” said Aaron Wood, Marketing and Innovation Manager, BASF Corporation. “I have the feeling there is a renewed focus by the organization on supporting the applicant’s interest to bring innovation to the market, and it’s great to see that at the same time there is no loss of the principles to strict protocols governing the quality of the ESR.”

ICC-ES has improved its processes to expedite the issuance of Evaluation Reports, PMG and Building Product listings and has implemented a new customer relations management system to be able to provide more personal and tailored support to customers.

In addition, ICC-ES is strengthening relationships with industry resources to provide more opportunities for customers. Most recently, the Los Angeles Department of Building Safety (LADBS) expanded its acceptance of ICC-ES evaluation reports in the categories of non-structural fire life safety and structural non-seismic, or non-wind, without requiring the city’s own Research Reports (LARR). The ICC-ES PMG Listing Program and the Solar Rating and Certification Corporation (SRCC) are collaborating to offer a certification program for all solar thermal product manufacturers, which will result in a PMG listing issued by ICC-ES PMG and a thermal performance rating issued by SRCC.

“Partnering with ICC-ES PMG is the logical choice to provide solar thermal product manufacturers with one point of contact from two highly reputable third-party certification organizations,” said SRCC Executive Director Eileen Prado. “We are pleased to develop this certification program and look forward to working closely with the ICC-ES PMG staff to meet the needs of the industry.”

“As evidenced by the positive response from manufacturers to these initiatives this year and the expansion of industry relationships, 2013 has been one of ICC-ES’ best years ever in providing the type of service our clients’ expect,” said ICC-ES President Shahin Moinian. Manufacturers recognize that ICC-ES—as part of the International Code Council (ICC)—has unique qualifications and expertise in the evaluation of products to determine if they are in compliance with the code.”

“ICC-ES has decades of experience in product evaluation with an in-house technical staff of engineers and architects with unparalleled expertise in the International Codes,” added Moinian. “That further underscores our ability to provide the highest level of technical accuracy in our evaluation and listing programs.”