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Managing Electric Demand in an Electric Fleet Conversion: HDR’s Latest Experts Talk

Managing Electric Demand in an Electric Fleet Conversion: HDR’s Latest Experts Talk

OMAHA, Neb. — Setting up charging technology correctly from the start can help get the most out of an electric fleet — and save money on demand charges. Sean Everett explains how in the latest in HDR’s Experts Talk series, sharing how fleet owners can design better charging infrastructure by working with utilities and managing electric demand.

Converting a fleet to electric vehicles entails more than just buying new buses or trucks. Major infrastructure and operational changes are also necessary, and how these upgrades are designed and then implemented, perhaps in phases, will make a large difference in the performance of the resulting system.

“Starting the conversation with utilities early and communicating often is crucial to manage electrical demand and provide a successful electric vehicle fleet deployment,” he said. “Many utilities have staff dedicated to vehicle electrification that can help provide fleets with information regarding rebate programs and other incentives for electrification.”

Everett, P.E., has managed a variety of projects that involved electric vehicle conversion, including a project to help Kitsap Transit in Washington begin to convert to electric buses. His experience with a variety of electrification projects enables Everett to identify and recognize the best methods to guide in a smooth transition to electric.

Read the whole electric demand interview.

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