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MACTEC and MGM Innova announce strategic alliance in carbon management services

ALPHARETTA, GA. and MIAMI — MGM Innova, LLC and MACTEC Engineering and Consulting, Inc. announced a strategic alliance to provide integrated solutions across the carbon management supply chain for federal, commercial, municipal, energy and industrial clients. The alliance combines MGM Innova’s global experience in carbon management strategy development, carbon finance and regulatory analysis, emission reduction project development, and monetization of credits, with MACTEC’s experience in engineering, project permitting, construction, and O&M to provide cost-effective solutions for carbon management challenges.

"Based on our experience in the U.S., Latin America, Europe, and Asia, helping clients reduce their carbon footprint in an efficient and cost-effective manner requires integrating financial, regulatory, and engineering services," said Marco G. Monroy, president and CEO of MGM Innova. "The MGM Innova and MACTEC alliance provides clients with a unique team of financial, regulatory, and technical specialists, who understand how to identify, design, construct, and monetize carbon projects."

"Our industrial, commercial, and governmental clients are concerned about the financial impact of carbon regulations on their businesses," said Allen Kibler, president of MACTEC. "MGM Innova and MACTEC have combined our knowledge to make sure the impact is minimized by assuring that projects are designed, built, and monetized in the most efficient and beneficial manner possible."