LYT Partners With Coral Sales To Bring Intelligent Transportation Solutions To NorthWest

Companies offer artificial intelligence and machine learning technology to reduce traffic congestion and help improve response times for emergency vehicles and first responders

Santa Clara, Calif., –  LYT, a leader in intelligent connected traffic technology solutions, has announced that it has signed a partnership agreement with Coral Sales Company, a leading provider of highway safety products and intelligent transportation systems to the Pacific Northwest. The two companies will work to provide intelligent transportation solutions for commuters and emergency responders in some of the most heavily congested regions of the Pacific Northwest.

In many of the biggest U.S. cities today, the amount of time spent stuck in traffic congestion could be over 100 hours in a single year. Experts believe the average American now experiences congestion nearing pre-pandemic 2019 levels, when drivers lost 99 hours stuck in traffic.

Intelligent transportation systems (ITS) apply sensing, analysis, and communications technologies to ground transportation in order to improve safety, mobility, and efficiency. While this technology shows great promise, they are only as good as the platforms on which they run.

To fully realize the promise of ITS solutions from Coral Sales, transit agencies in the Northwest will be leveraging LYT’s Transit Signal Priority (TSP) solution, LYT.transit, to restore schedule reliability and on-time performance. LYT is a cloud-based software platform that uses state-of-the-art connected vehicle and machine learning technologies to prioritize the flow of vehicles in a city and across a corridor. By optimizing public transport, emergency and other vehicles it enables shorter travel times, less congestion, improved air-quality and more reliable mass transit.

In addition to relieving traffic congestion for motorists and mass transit vehicles, LYT’s Emergency Vehicle Preemption (EVP) solution, known as LYT.emergency, produces a consistent and reliable green light for every emergency vehicle more affordably than other products on the market. These solutions harness the power of a single secure edge device installed in Traffic Management Centers that enable emergency vehicles to speak directly to networked traffic signals in cities through the LYT.speed cloud platform.

“Our communities suffer from never-ending traffic congestion on a daily basis, and despite our municipalities spending billions of dollars to tackle the problem, traffic continues to get worse,” said Tim Menard, CEO and Founder of LYT. “We are excited about the shared vision and mission we have with Coral Sales, and our partnership together will help bring advanced transportation technologies and transit prioritization solutions that leverage cutting-edge artificial intelligence and machine learning data algorithms that can be implemented efficiently and affordably to reduce congestion and improve response times of our first responders, improving quality of life across each region.”

“The transportation industry is changing dramatically with the introduction of innovations in Intelligent Transportation Systems. This is an exciting time when our customers can leverage software solutions that assist in solving today’s mobility challenges. We are committed to helping our customers by connecting them with the best solutions to meet their needs,” stated Diane Grant, Owner and President of Coral Sales Company. “We are proud to be partnering with LYT to provide an innovative Smart Cities solution that is constantly learning how to efficiently move communities ahead. Increasing reliability and safety, improving response times and saving lives when every second counts.”

About Coral Sales Company

Established in 1979, Coral Sales Company, a second-generation family-owned business, is dedicated to serving our customers in the Northwest through excellent customer service and integrity. As the demands increase for mobility; our high quality solutions increase efficiency and safety to support our customers’ ever-changing transportation challenges. Coral Sales is based in Portland and serves customers in Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Montana and Alaska.

About LYT

LYT is an intelligent connected traffic technology provider that offers a cloud-based platform that orchestrates today’s Intelligent Transportation Systems. LYT’s AI-powered machine learning technology enables a suite of transit signal priority and emergency vehicle preemption solutions that utilize pre-existing vehicle tracking sensors and city communication networks to dynamically adjust the phase and timing of traffic signals to provide sufficient green clearance time while minimally impacting cross traffic. LYT is headquartered in Santa Clara, Calif. and serves municipalities across the US. Learn more at