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LucidLink Reveals Innovative Cloud File Service Utilizing Amazon S3 Storage

LucidLink Reveals Innovative Cloud File Service Utilizing Amazon S3 Storage

Designed for Predictability, LucidLink Performance, CombinesStorage Costs & Egress Fees

San Francisco, CA (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — LucidLink, an innovator in cloud file services, announced today a unique new service utilizing Amazon S3 storage with LucidLink Filespaces. Built specifically for the cloud, Filespaces is a high-performance file service that enables the cloud storage to be used as production storage, streaming access to files from anywhere instead of downloading or syncing them. This new service, LucidLink Performance, is geared towards companies with performance-sensitive workloads, like video editing from the cloud, that need to be able to predict cloud storage costs more accurately.

This innovative service solution provides customers with one invoice for their storage needs bundling remote cloud file access, storage, and egress fees. LucidLink combines Filespaces with one terabyte Amazon S3 storage and one terabyte of outbound traffic (egress) for only $85 per terabyte per month. Once users go over the one free terabyte of outbound traffic, they are invoiced at a low rate of $0.05/GB ($50 per terabyte) for additional egress costs. By offering this simplified bundled solution where users can now more accurately forecast egress fees, LucidLink is making cloud services much more accessible and predictable.LucidLink Performance is an integrated solution that delivers rapid, encrypted access to files and data stored on nearly infinitely scalable, cost-effective cloud storage. Users now can get consistent top-of-the-line cloud storage, ideal for high-performance production workloads, streaming access to data, for one predictable fee. Close monitoring of monthly costs can help IT budget for cloud costs that previously may have created an undue financial toll.

Jigsaw24, the UK’s leading IT solutions provider to creative organizations, is offering LucidLink to customers in the media and entertainment industry. “One of our customer’s biggest challenges is calculating the total cost of using the cloud, particularly when it comes to forecasting outbound traffic egress fees,” said Rupert Watson, M&E Sales Director at Jigsaw24. “To solve this problem, we are offering LucidLink to a variety of customers. Filespaces allow video editors to stream their data, on-demand, from the cloud as if it were on a local filesystem, which is a game-changer for the industry. The new bundled service, LucidLink Performance, enables us to predict storage costs and eliminate egress almost entirely. Now, Jigsaw24’s customers can more confidently provide services using the cloud and better determine their cloud storage costs.”

According to a recent IDG survey, nearly 70% of IT leaders experience higher than budgeted public cloud costs, citing unanticipated egress charges as one of the biggest causes of unexpected expenses. “Many of our customers increasingly deploy LucidLink as production storage for applications requiring consistent performance at all times. We recognized that Amazon S3’s massive scale is well suited to absorb usage spikes and ensure a consistent user experience,” said Peter Thompson, co-founder and CEO. “However, we also heard a great deal of frustration from our customers around the unpredictable nature of egress fees. By evaluating the usage patterns of our user base, we were able to come up with a bundle that will satisfy most customer requirements, assisting in cost predictability. As an added benefit, we eliminate the complexity of setting up a cloud service and pass on the combined buying power we create directly to our customers.”

About Jigsaw24

Jigsaw24 is a leading B2B technology solutions provider and Apple Authorised Enterprise Reseller. With specialists in production, post, finishing, audio, and infrastructure, we design, deliver, and support end-to-end solutions for some of the UK’s biggest facilities. As an Avid Elite Partner, with top accreditations from manufacturers including Adobe, HP, Blackmagic Design and more, we can advise on everything from Dolby Atmos mixing to cloud-first editing workflows, all the way through to final delivery – all of which you can see live in our Soho demo facility. Jigsaw24 was founded in 1992 in Nottingham, ideally located to provide full nationwide coverage. For more information visit: https://www.jigsaw24.com/industries/media-and-entertainment

About LucidLink

LucidLink offers an innovative cloud-native file service designed specifically for extensive data access over distance. LucidLink Filespaces provides best-in-class security and high-performance scalability to run file-based workloads on object storage for maximum efficiency and productivity. The service is compatible with any object storage provider that utilizes cloud, on-prem, or hybrid storage, and it supports all major operating systems, including Linux, Windows, and macOS. LucidLink’s customer base is multiplying in the media and entertainment sector, among managed service providers, and across government agencies. Investors currently include Baseline Ventures, Bain Capital Ventures, S28 Capital, Fathom Capital, and Bright Cap Ventures. Founded in 2016 by former DataCore executives, LucidLink is privately held and headquartered in San Francisco, California, with offices in Bulgaria, Europe, and Australia. For more information about LucidLink’s resellers or partner program, please contact info@lucidlink.com. Follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn and visit us at www.lucidlink.com.