Morristown, N. J. — Louis Berger and the Berger Charitable Foundation supported youth participation in the 2018 Cities IPCC Cities and Climate Change Science Conference, a three-day event held March 5-7 in Edmonton, Canada, that featured presentations and workshops to highlight and inspire research on climate change and cities. Louis Berger and the Berger Charitable Foundation have sponsored participation of student delegates in the conference and a workshop leading up to it, titled, “World Café on Youth Voices and Climate Change Knowledge: Empowering Youth in Conversations on Climate Impact and Vulnerabilities.”

The World Café, held Feb. 25-March 5, was the culmination of a project to promote global conversation and collaboration among students around the world who are vitally concerned with climate change issues. Following an intensive three-month exchange, an international delegation of youth from participating cities met in Edmonton to produce a “White Paper on Climate Change” for presentation at the conference, hosted by the City of Edmonton, Canada, and co-sponsored by the Cities IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change).

“This exciting conference will literally chart the course for global climate change research over the next decade,” said Tom Lewis, Louis Berger U.S. division president. “Engaging youth in the conversation about the potential impact of climate change on our communities and urban centers, along with educational and community inclusion frameworks for seeking solutions to those challenges, is a promising initiative that we are proud to support.”

Lewis and Niek Veraart, vice president of environmental planning and subject matter expert on resilience and sustainability, were on hand at the conference to greet the student delegates and engage with them and other session participants in a rich, idea-driven exchange about climate change and education. Sponsored student delegates include: Suhanee Giroti, Delhi, India; David Felipe González Galindo, Bogotá, Colombia; Kevina Nuraini Yusuf, Jakarta, Indonesia; Natalia OKutoi, Nairobi, Kenya; Anthea Adjei Tawiah, Tema, Ghana; Fabrizio Sebastian Manuel Malpartida Melgarejo, Lima, Peru; Pedro Lomando Restum de Macedo Rocha, Sao Paulo, Brazil; and Lin Jingtong, Beijing, China.

For more information about the 2018 Cities IPCC Cities and Climate Change Science Conference, visit the conference website at