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Loos & Co., Inc. receives new ICC-ES building product listing for Seismic Wire Rope/Cable Bracing System Components

WASHINGTON, D.C. – ICC Evaluation Service (ICC-ES) has issued a new building product listing (ESL-1004) to Loos & Co., for its Seismic Wire Rope/Cable Bracing System Components. The listing demonstrates the products meet the requirements for tension only bracing systems in Section of NFPA 13 (Installation of Sprinkler Systems) for Fire Suppression Piping and Equipment using the material requirements of ASCE 19-10 (Structural Applications of Steel Cables for Buildings) as referenced in the 2012 International Building Code (IBC) sections 903.3 and 2208.1.

“ICC-ES provides a complete comprehensive program for our clients,” said ICC-ES President, Shahin Moinian. “We have extended ICC-ES strong reputation in product evaluation to product listings to consensus standards. However, we don’t stop there as we will only issue listings after we also verify compliance to the applicable codes. Code officials specifically look for our listing reports because of this comprehensive review.”

The listing includes a description of the cable assemblies and allowable breaking strength. Each cable that makes up part of the assembly is color-coded to correspond with the allowable breaking strength of the assembly. Each component of the Seismic Wire Rope/Cable Bracing is identified with a label indicating the manufacturers name and address, the product name, the part number of the component and the listing number (ESL-1004).

“An ICC-ES Listing is an important tool for building officials, design professionals and contractors to ensure that Cable Type Seismic Sway Braces comply with the IBC and its referenced Standards, rather than relying on unsubstantiated claims of compliance,” said Dan Duggan, Seismic Technology Manager, Loos & Co., Inc. and a member of the NFPA-13 and ASCE-19 Committees. “We applaud the ICC-ES Listing Program. The speed and reasonable cost make it easy for those who comply to get their ICC-ES Listing.”

The new building product listing program offers manufacturers an additional certification option that indicates to code officials they are approving products in the following categories (www.icc-es.org/listing/listing.cfm) that comply with consensus standards referenced in building codes. To qualify for the program, a product must meet requirements in a standard specifically listed in the applicable I-Codes. Products already referenced in the IBC or the International Residential Code (IRC), and used as intended by the codes, also qualify for an ICC-ES listing. If the product successfully meets applicable requirements, ICC-ES will issue the listing within eight weeks or less of the initial application.

To find out if your product qualifies for this program, please contact Barry Johnson, 1-800-423-6587 ext. 5220/ bjohnson@icc-es.org, or Michael Temesvary, 1-800-423-6587 ext. 3877/ mtemesvary@icc-es.org.