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Lisa Skutecki Named WSP USA Director of California Stormwater

Lisa Skutecki Named WSP USA Director of California Stormwater

Recognized stormwater expert brings extensive experience successfully leading and developing comprehensive stormwater projects for key water management agencies.

SAN DIEGO — Lisa Skutecki has been tapped to lead the growth of the stormwater business in California for WSP USA, a leading engineering and professional services consultancy.

As the new director of California stormwater at WSP, she will focus on the creation of a comprehensive stormwater project delivery organization for the state, along with growing and mentoring staff to provide clients with support to develop Future Ready® stormwater strategies and projects.

“Lisa is a known leader in stormwater in California with proven experience executing complex stormwater projects,” said Juan Diaz-Carreras, WSP vice president and Southern California/Nevada Water business lead. “She is a natural leader and strategist, with a passion for helping her community and public agencies use water more efficiently.”

As a seasoned client services manager, Skutecki has collaborated with key water management agencies, including the Los Angeles County Department of Public Works and the County of San Diego Watershed Protection Division. As a project manager and program administrator, she has managed more than 95 projects and seven large as-needed contracts.

She previously managed a Southern California water resources group for another water consultancy and has broad experience leading water resources, design, stormwater, and water quality and quantity improvement projects throughout California that reduce negative impacts to the environment while achieving regulatory compliance.

Throughout her career she has been involved with building initiatives that relate to stormwater and water resilience practices regarding green infrastructure, stormwater capture, best management design and effectiveness monitoring, social equity, greenway planning, groundwater and other water issues.

Raised in the arid environment of Phoenix, Skutecki learned at a very young age the importance of water, which has motivated her interest in helping communities develop a secure source of water and green spaces to recreate.

“Stormwater has too often been viewed as a nuisance rather than an asset,” Skutecki said. “I love the idea of making sure we use every drop of water and I am excited to help society find better ways to manage water, this finite resource.”

Skutecki is a graduate of Arizona State University with a bachelor’s degree in civil and environmental engineering. She has been a member of the California Stormwater Quality Association for more than 17 years. She co-chaired its 2016, 2018 and 2020 Stormwater Conference and will co-chair the 2022 conference. She is also a member of the Water Environment Foundation and the America Water Resources Association, and the Southern California Water Coalition Stormwater Task Force.