RoadConnect™ is a cloud-based telemetry platform that aggregates data from a variety of roadside assets, improving operational efficiency for DOTs and overall roadway safety 

(OMAHA, Neb.)Lindsay Corporation (NYSE: LNN), a leading global manufacturer and distributor of irrigation and infrastructure equipment and technology, is pleased to announce the launch of RoadConnect, a cloud-based remote asset monitoring platform for the transportation industry. RoadConnect provides Departments of Transportation (DOTs) with a single-source solution for monitoring and maintaining a virtually unlimited number of roadside assets including crash cushions, guardrails and utility poles. At launch, the solution can be used to monitor asset details, location, status and impacts in real time, enabling DOTs to increase uptime, health and performance of critical infrastructures, resulting in improved operational efficiency and overall road safety.

New Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) requirements call for each state to develop an asset management plan for roadside structures and devices. RoadConnect supports DOTs in key aspects of these FHWA requirements, helping assigned management personnel to know exactly when and where an asset requires attention, so action can be quickly taken to maintain the asset’s functionality and safety.

The RoadConnect remote asset monitoring platform delivers:

  • Connectivity for entire networks of diverse and geographically widespread roadside assets
  • A single-source platform, consolidating data from multiple asset types into one, simple user interface
  • Remote accessibility from any web-enabled computer or mobile device
  • Real-time notifications, email and text alerts
  • Detailed asset information including exact locations in a map view.

Remote impact detection is enabled by ImpactAlert™ a compact, self-contained monitoring device that:

  • attaches to assets with non-destructive mounting to preserve the integrity of testing and performance standard
  • includes a cellular modem contained within a waterproof enclosure
  • reduce workers’ time in the field and exposure to traffic, while saving time and money for the DOTs, promoting timely awareness of impacts, and, most importantly, improving safety for workers and motorists.

Coming soon to RoadConnect is the ability to connect Lindsay’s LightGuard™ Pulse devices. This pedestal-based, street light system monitoring solution gives users the ability to control lighting schedules for energy savings and uniformity, and receive notifications when a light goes out, helping decrease labor costs associated with repairs. Decreases in current energy draw can also be quickly detected, which can be an early warning sign for possible theft or damage.

“Our DOT customers have been asking for a solution that encompasses inventory, maintenance, and remote monitoring capabilities,” said Scott Marion, Lindsay’s president of infrastructure. “With Lindsay’s deep experience in road safety solutions and our industrial technology expertise, we’re confident RoadConnect will have a significant impact on our customers’ operations, and most importantly, help improve the safety and functionality of our nation’s roadways.”

Over time, RoadConnect will continuously evolve to deliver valuable insights into asset management and roadside asset lifecycles. RoadConnect and ImpactAlert have been deployed in beta testing for several months and are expected to be fully released this spring in the United States. To determine pricing and for more information, please contact us at