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Leveraging Your ERP System for Effective Virtual Work – WEBINAR

Leveraging Your ERP System for Effective Virtual Work – WEBINAR

Join this session to learn how to leverage your Deltek Vision and Vantagepoint ERP systems to better perform in today’s ever-changing environment. You will see a live presentation on how to utilize Electronic Invoicing (EI) to better manage your invoicing process.  You will also hear first-hand from Dawn Dostie of TRC on how EI has helped achieve their goals, whether working in the office or virtually.

Attendees will learn:

  1. Common billing challenges and how to overcome them.
  2. How to stay on top of billing while working remote.
  3. Ways to streamline billing workflows.
  4. How to maximize cash flow and use reporting to help manage your business.

Dawn Dostie, Billing Manager for TRC
Dawn is always looking for ways to make billing for TRC more efficient without sacrificing quality. She loves to utilize new technology or better the use of existing tools.



Nelda Kane, Senior Consultant for EleVia Software
Nelda has 16 years of ERP implementation experience.  She loves to help clients utilize EleVia products to improve and streamline their unique business processes.




Ron Noden, Executive Vice President for EleVia Software
Ron is deeply committed to organizational improvements and helping customers be more successful. Ron has served as CEO of one of Minnesota’s fastest-growing technology companies and as a principle in sixteen startups. He loves to blend the power of technology with the power of talented people.




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