SPRINGDALE, Arkansas — At Level 5 Architecture, Enriching Growing Communities is the core of what they do every day. As they celebrate 10 years of business, they want to honor and recognize their clients, employees, and industry partners who have helped them become the firm they are today.

Level 5’s success didn’t happen in a bubble. When Level 5 Architecture was incorporated on January 20, 2012, their stated core values were compassion, kindness, humility, gentleness, and patience. Those have not changed over the past decade. As they continue to invest in their people and community and strive for continuous improvement, future growth of the firm is in the forefront for this organization.

A firm where employees embrace these core values and live by them every day through serving their clients. As Level 5 celebrates their success, they look at their past and how they made the journey. At the employee annual meeting in November 2021, the Texas headquarters and Arkansas branch offices converged and discussed these core values and what they meant to the entire team. Together, they further expanded on these values and what they mean to their clients. One conclusion, was by investing in professional development and continuing education. This aspect directly helps Level 5 employees progress in their career which in turn provides better service to their clients and advances the firm.

“I enjoyed working with Level 5 Architecture on projects in Ward County. They designed a wonderful museum to house our WWII artifacts for the Rattlesnake Bomber Base.” Ellen Friar, Ward County Auditor.

To perpetuate a supportive community mindset, Level 5 created a #10×10 campaign as part of their 10- year anniversary celebration. Where their goal is to give back to the community through a volunteer program. Which is a series of events where Level 5 will donate 10 hours to 10 individual organizations, from cultivating gardens to clothing missions. As a multiplicative process, the hours volunteered will compound with each event. Giving of the most precious item an individual can’t buy which is time. Therefore, Level 5 Architecture’s philosophies are put into practice through actions.

Follow the journey on social media while Level 5 Architecture positively impacts communities through each event and hour volunteered as they are multiplied. Interested in helping compound the hours? Contact Melissa Dysart (479) 756-1661 to learn how you too can make an impact!