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Leica Geosystems’ Rugged New 7-Inch Tablet Fills Survey Controller Gap

Leica Geosystems’ Rugged New 7-Inch Tablet Fills Survey Controller Gap

Leica Geosystems has introduced the new Leica CS30 tablet, a rugged all-round field controller designed for surveyors. The 7-inch sunlight-readable multi-touch screen is a convenient size to use with graphics and imaging sensors but lightweight enough to use all day long with all sensors. The advanced LCD IPS screen provides optimal color clarity as well as an increased viewing angle. An ambient light sensor provides improved visibility in all lighting conditions.

The CS30 tablet can be used in a wide temperature range and features an IP68 rating for outstanding protection against water, dust and impact. It runs on a stable Windows operating system and uses hot-swappable batteries for maximum reliability in the field. When used with Leica Captivate field software, the CS30 tablet allows you to control everything from connecting sensors to managing survey tasks and sharing data, all through an easy-to-use interface.

“The mobility factor of the CS30 is a significant benefit,” says Bob Kilburn, surveying and engineering product and applications manager for Leica Geosystems in the U.S. and Canada. “It’s at a size and weight that you can carry around all day, while the screen gives you enough real estate to easily see and work with your data. It really fills a sweet spot for survey controllers.”

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