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LEED Construction Made Easy

LEED Construction Made Easy

Green Badger is a comprehensive solution for equipping project teams of all levels of experience with the tools they need to document LEED as efficiently as possible.

Green Badger does this by pairing its cloud-based technology with project-specific training, LEED tips and tricks, and ongoing project team support. Green Badger’s cross-platform, cloud-based solution connects teams so that everyone has access to real-time updates, can document from the field, and automate repetitive and time-consuming tasks. When your team completes documentation, you can easily export your project data and upload to LEED online and get on with your next job!

Tommy Linstroth is a LEED fellow and founder of the LEED compliance software Green Badger (https://getgreenbadger.com/).

Linistroth has personally been involved with more than 50 projects achieving LEED certification, with another two dozen underway.

Projects he’s worked on include:

  • The first building in the Southeast to be both LEED-certified and in the National Register of Historic places
  • The first all-retail LEED shopping center in the nation
  • The first LEED McDonald’s restaurant
  • Sustainable Fellwood, one of the largest green affordable housing developments – part of the LEED for Neighborhood Developments pilot program and LEED for Homes program – in the nation