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Leah Almog Arazi Shattering Gender Stereotypes and Building a Future for Women in Construction

Leah Almog Arazi Shattering Gender Stereotypes and Building a Future for Women in Construction

NEW YORK, NY- Breaking Barriers with Leah Almong Arazi from OOR DESIGN BUILD, an influential General Contractor based in New York City. 

She’s rewriting the script in the male-dominated construction world, breaking barriers and building dreams. Leah Almong Arazi is a general contractor, Builder, investor, and Speaker. 

With a master’s in construction from Columbia University, Leah’s diverse background in interior design equips her with a distinct edge—a skill, resilience, and determination powerhouse. From wielding power tools to crafting architectural marvels, she defies stereotypes and leaves her mark on every project. 

Her dedication and resilience drive us forward, reminding us that gender should never limit our ambitions. Together, we can build a future where diversity and inclusion are the cornerstone of success. 

OOR Design Build is synonymous with innovation. It promises to convert client dreams into tangible reality, consistently delivering projects that epitomize excellence. 

‘I knew that building a home was something so spacious. We don’t just create the home. We create love between people and dreams. We make their visions become a reality.’ 

I thought, and then I got this strong feeling I knew I could do better. Still, I was scared, so I worked many years with a fantastic company and then gained experience. Of course, as a woman, the path wasn’t easy, and I didn’t get the same opportunity that a man would have had, so I finished my master’s in construction at Columbia University, and then I developed a company from design to Design Build Company; 

When asked if she had ever faced a challenge, she said: ‘There’s a big gap between men and construction from pay to the opportunity that needs to be closed; of course, sexism is higher in our industry. But I’m here to make a difference and inspire any woman who wants to work in construction.