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Latest Resource From the Steel Tube Institute Makes It Easy to Check Tolerances of Hollow Structural Sections

Latest Resource From the Steel Tube Institute Makes It Easy to Check Tolerances of Hollow Structural Sections

GLENVIEW, Ill.: The Hollow Structural Sections Committee of the Steel Tube Institute (STI) is introducing an updated technical guide, “Methods to Check Dimensional Tolerances on Hollow Structural Sections,” to help fabricators and service centers. Available on the STI website, the educational resource discusses in detail and illustrates the latest methods to correctly measure tolerances of hollow structural sections (HSS).

“Fabricators and service centers deserve to have the latest technical information at their disposal,” said Joseph Anderson, executive director of STI. “This comprehensive guide is the only source that shows how to check tolerances of hollow structural sections, helping ensure materials meet industry standards.”

The guide assists professionals in verifying compliance with American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) specifications. While it is written for the A500 specification, it may be used for verifying tolerances for A1085, A847, A1065 and other similar tubular specifications. The resource outlines instructions for checking tolerances for outside dimensions, wall thickness, length and straightness, squareness of sides, radius of corners, and twist of the member.

“Since measurement techniques are not included in the A500 specification, we want to clearly show how tolerances should be measured for HSS to negate the possibility of any discrepancies between our producers and their customers,” said Anderson.

HSS is often the most economical and attractive structural option due to its high strength-to-weight ratio, aesthetic appeal and less surface area for preparation.

All STI educational resources are available at steeltubeinstitute.org. Anyone who would like a reprint of this guide may contact STI at hssinfo@steeltubeinstitute.org.

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