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Landmark EPC Adopts ProStar’s PointMan Solution to Digitally Map Critical Underground Infrastructure of Boulder, Colorado

Landmark EPC Adopts ProStar’s PointMan Solution to Digitally Map Critical Underground Infrastructure of Boulder, Colorado

Underground pipe being fixed in trench

GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — ProStar Holdings Inc. (“ProStar®” or “the Company”) (OTCQX: MAPPF) (TSXV: MAPS) (FSE: 5D00), a world leader in Precision Mapping Solutions®, is pleased to announce that Landmark EPC, after a detailed analysis of available solutions, will utilize ProStar’s PointMan to precisely map buried infrastructure of the City of Boulder including the city’s Sewer and Service systems.

“The current process of locating sewer mains and service systems and just placing a paint mark on the ground is dated and it can lead to costly damages, delays, and utility service disruptions, all of which was happening in Boulder during the expansion of the City’s fiber-optic infrastructure”, stated Skip McIntosh, Co-founder of Landmark SUE Services. “ProStar’s PointMan precision mapping solution means we can now locate, mark and map critical underground infrastructure in the proposed right-of-way for the fiber loop. This technology means we can eliminate costly damages often incurred to the sewer mains and service systems during fiber installation. Typically, it is up to the utility contractor who is placing the fiber lines to locate sewer and other services in the right-of-way, which was nearly impossible. We can now address these issues that have plagued this industry for decades.”

Landmark EPC serves many different industries, including utility, construction, excavation, and Federal and State agencies. Landmark provides a full line of utility location services that focus on avoiding costly damages associated with not knowing the precise location of existing buried utilities during construction activities. Landmark is changing standard locating practices by implementing the Vivax RTK Pro electromagnetic cable and pipe locating devices with ProStar’s PointMan cloud and mobile solution to collect centimeter location data of buried utilities and managing the data in real-time in the cloud. The adoption of ProStar’s PointMan cloud and mobile solution has proven to add significant value to their services and deliverables. Landmark prides itself on leading the SUE and utility locating industry in creating best practices and firmly believes the adoption of PointMan is going to help them continue to do that.

“Not having accurate and timely information about the location of buried infrastructure is a growing concern with serious ramifications,” said Page Tucker, CEO and Founder of ProStar. “With the passing of the infrastructure bill and the Federal Government’s plans to repair and replace our nation’s dilapidated water and sewer systems and to expand our broadband network, not knowing where existing utilities are buried will be very disruptive and extremely costly due to damages caused by the proposed construction. It is great to see forward-thinking firms like Landmark being proactive and adopting PointMan to replace old and ineffective business practices to address these growing concerns.”

“As we continue to see companies like Landmark EPC adopt PointMan, it provides further validation of our ability to address the needs of the estimated $1.2 billion Underground Utility Locating Market in the U.S.”, continues Page Tucker. “Landmark EPC is another example of how ProStar’s solution is changing an industry and providing significant value to a wide span of clients from Fortune 500 firms, government agencies, municipalities and engineering firms of all sizes.”