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After completing phase one of works at the end of 2020, leading wet civil engineering firm Land & Water, is now starting phase two of a wider restoration project at Blenheim Estate.

The restoration works, which are due to start this month, will see Land & Water begin the first dredge of Queen’s Pool in over 100 years. The lake was created by Sir Capability Brown around 1763 as part of his extensive re-landscaping of the World Heritage Site. Land & Water will be removing 300,000 cubic metres of silt over the course of the nine months, which is enough to fill the height of Wembley Stadium, to return the lake to its ideal depth of two metres from its current shallows of 30cm.

Charlie Oakes, Project Manager at Land & Water says, “It is great to be back at Blenheim and continuing works to safeguard the future, and protect the history, of this prestigious site and its landscapes.

“Queen Pool has become heavily silted which can have a detrimental impact on its ecosystem. By carrying out these dredging works, we are able to increase the depth of the lake so that it can continue supporting the flora and fauna which thrives there.

“Land & Water is also proud to be using HVO fuel throughout the project which is up to 90+% net carbon neutral and biodegradable meaning that we are significantly reducing the carbon output of these works.”

“The dredge is one of the most ambitious civil engineering projects undertaken here at Blenheim over the last 300 years. It is vitally important to help ensure the long-term health of the lakes, surrounding waterways and parkland and the rich biodiversity that it supports as well as mitigating the risk of environmental damage due to climate change,” said Roy Cox, Blenheim Estate’s Director.

“We’re delighted to be working with the hugely experienced team from Land & Water on this landmark programme which will write another fascinating chapter in the history of the Blenheim Estate,” he added.

HVO fuel is a sustainable solution being harnessed by Land & Water as it continues to show its commitment towards becoming carbon net zero by 2030 and safeguarding the future of the planet. Land & Water has also been dedicated towards its social responsibility and has been working alongside the team at Blenheim to involve the local community in the restoration project through a competition that aims to name the specialist plant being used during the works. The winning names are Winston, Clementine, Swan, Mallard, Reg Who Likes To Dredge and Fair Rosamund.