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Land & Water Making Splash on River Thames

Land & Water Making Splash on River Thames

Leading civil and environmental engineering company, Land & Water, has recently invested in a £500,000 dredging campaign to increase the capacity of its Thames-side marine logistics centre at Coldharbour Lane, Rainham, Essex.

Land & Water is celebrating 25th this year and the company is thinking towards the future. One of the most important aspects of the company’s work is safeguarding and improving environments for the next generation to enjoy. An integral part of Land & Water’s master plan is to invest in UK infrastructure to build sustainable end-to-end relationships with key partners.

As part of this plan, Land & Water purchased Coldharbour Lane Jetty, a new facility which has achieved full planning permission to act as a marine logistics centre which will support major infrastructure projects along the Thames Estuary. The wharf, which has three fully operational shipping berths, will handle waste spoils from construction works and allow them to be shipped to the company’s adjacent habitat creation site at Rainham Marshes. The hub will also act as a transport node for materials and products to be shipped onto barges for onward distribution into London.

James Maclean, CEO of Land & Water comments: “I am convinced that innovative logistics solutions will unlock future supply chains into London as the days of diesel-fuelled heavy trucks delivering commodities into the capital are numbered.

Our sustainable hub at Rainham offers the ideal solution, taking advantage of our close proximity to the A13 and M25 trunk roads, linking them directly to water transport, unlocking the River Thames as a liquid highway. We hope our hub will be able to feed a fleet of electric distribution vehicles deep inside the city, which will have a positive long-term effect on the environment, and ease congestion.”

This new facility saves 86 articulated lorry movements into and out of the capital for every 1,200-tonne barge that leaves the hub. It also provides Land & Water a major operational foothold in the Thames, allowing the company to offer credible logistics solutions to its clients and the London basin.

James continues: “This long-term, cost-effective solution has already attracted three separate businesses to trade with Land & Water at the facility. We hope many more will come to use this strategic asset, located just inside the M25 on the banks of the River Thames.”