Working at historical British landmarks is nothing new for leading wet civil engineering firm Land & Water as it announces the commencement of works at Boughton House, having been engaged by Buccleuch, to return Star Pond, which dates back to the 1700s, to its original shape.

Situated in Northamptonshire, Boughton House dates back to 1528 when it was once the home of the Montagu family who took style inspiration from the French, leading to the House being coined the ‘English Versailles’. In the 20th century it became home to the Duke of Buccleuch and Queensberry who wished to preserve this national treasure.

Over the last three decades, Buccleuch has been working to uncover long lost waterways and lakes dating back over 300 years. As part of this, Land & Water will be restoring Star Pond which earnt its name through its original star shape. Having become built up with silt, the wet civil engineering firm will be carrying out dredging works as well as ensuring the pond cascades back to link with other estate waterways and the River Ise.

Roger Baines, Contracts Manager at Land & Water, said: “We are delighted to be working at another historical landscape and preserving the future of the waterways at Boughton House.

“As well as the works to return Star Pond to its former glory, we will also be installing an aquatic channel to enable fish and other aquatic life to easily travel down to the River Ise, as well as to support flood protection.

“The environment is front and centre of all that we do at Land & Water and as part of this we want to ensure that we are supporting the creation of habitats to increase biodiversity.”

David Cullum, Parks and Gardens Manager at Boughton Estate says: “In their heyday, the gardens were considered to be among the largest and finest in the country and in the last 30 years, considerable work has taken place to restore various features. It is an absolute privilege to be involved in this next exciting step of this journey and the restoration of Star Pond.”

“Everything we do should have a positive impact on the environment, whether that be designed or natural. We are excited to be able to do both with the restoration of Star Pond.”

Land & Water is due to be working at Boughton House until the end of summer. This coincides with another historical project at World Heritage Site, Blenheim Palace, to remove 300,000m3 of silt from Queen Pool to preserve the legacy of the waterway for years to come.