Leading wet civil engineering firm Land & Water has completed works at the Royal Chartered Christ’s Hospital School in Horsham to restore two lakes which will be used as part of the school’s new transformational curricular which places great emphasis on learning skills for life.

The project has seen some of the Land & Water team, alongside its bioengineering arm Terraqua Environmental Solutions (TES) and trusted suppliers, volunteer their time and provide works at a reduced cost to support the school’s ethos of providing pupils of all social backgrounds with the opportunity to thrive and fulfill their potential.

Incorporating HVO fuel into its machinery, a 90+% net carbon biofuel which substantially reduces carbon emissions compared to conventional gas oil, Land & Water successfully dredged and re-established two lakes on the school grounds which will be used for open water swimming, fishing, biology lessons and for cadet force training and other broader curricular pursuits. The dredged sediments have been recycled for re-use as an agricultural soil improver on the school’s farm.

James Maclean, CEO of Land & Water said, “Christ’s Hospital holds a special place in my heart as it was here that I was educated and learnt many lessons which prepared me for the life I lead today.

“It has been a fantastic experience being back in the school grounds, creating a space which can be utilized and enjoyed by pupils for generations to come.

“Our suppliers, as well as the Land & Water team, have gone above and beyond to ensure this project was completed by the start of term to ensure minimal disruption. Well done to everyone involved.”

Christ’s Hospital was established in 1552 by King Edward VI and is the UK’s leading charitable school and largest bursary charity. It actively seeks pupils of potential, who often come from varied and complex backgrounds and provides free or substantially reduced cost places to ensure that children have access to first-class education no matter their background.