Leading wet civil engineering specialists, Land & Water, is celebrating winning a contract to construct a new hydropower station at Caversham Weir in Reading on behalf of client Reading Hydro CBS Ltd.

The project, which has a civil construction value at over £500,000 (full project value just under £1m) and is due to commence in October until February 2021, will harness the power of the River Thames through the construction of a structure that will house low-head hydro turbines. This will help to create a renewable source of energy, in the area, that should generate around 46kw of renewable electricity to the National Grid.

Land & Water together with Reading Hydro, using expert machinery, will also be erecting a fish pass to ensure fish and eels have a safe means of passage past the turbines. This is all part of the company’s commitment towards protecting the local wildlife in the areas it constructs.

Andy McBride, Project Manager at Land & Water says, “We are looking forward to starting this project and being part of works, which will have a positive impact on the environment.

“As the team will be working in an area of fast water flow, it is important that we are mindful of disturbance to existing sediment, preventing erosion, and monitor any potential flooding that could occur.

“In light of this we will be installing a pontoon bridge to ease access to the site and ensure a flood action plan is in place.”

As part of Land & Water’s commitment towards creating a more sustainable future, it is already implementing greener ways to work in its reduction of carbon on projects and offering client’s HVO fuel in its machinery.