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LAN to perform Statewide Arc Flash Study

<strong>LAN to perform Statewide Arc Flash Study</strong>

(Houston, Texas) Lockwood, Andrews and Newnam, Inc. (LAN) has been selected to perform a comprehensive Statewide Arc Flash Study (SAFS) of the Texas Department of Transportation facilities.

LAN has previously performed a comprehensive Arc Flash Study Program for more than 2,700 TxDOT facilities located in 250 of the 254 counties across the state of Texas and is pleased to provide TxDOT with the same quality service once more.

“LAN is proud to support TxDOT’s commitment to safety in all its locations by providing this critical analysis,” according to Vice President, Business Group Director for LAN Jeffrey R. ThomasPE, CEM, CEA, CHC.

The project’s scope of work will include a comprehensive Arc Flash Study and analysis of the primary electrical service and distribution system for most of the TxDOT facilities around the state. As part of this project, LAN will provide reports of findings and recommendations for corrective actions necessary to bring the facilities into compliance with current OSHA, NFPA and NEC standards. In the past, TxDOT has used this information to implement LAN’s recommendations. These recommendations include improvements to lower potential arc-flash incident energy levels, replace aged equipment and alert TxDOT of conditions of imminent failure. The improvements occur mainly when a facility does not have a discrete disconnecting means between a transformer and distribution panel.

Without a discrete disconnect, the distribution panel may have dangerous potential energy requiring a higher degree of protection than needed when a disconnect is provided.