Bach is one of 30 people worldwide to hold every LEED credential  

ATLANTA – Kristina I. Bach, who has vast experience in sustainability, has been promoted to president of Blue Ocean Sustainability, which is part of the Green Building Holdings family of sustainability companies. Prior to her promotion, Bach was vice president of innovation for Blue Ocean.
As president, Bach will continue to focus on creating state-of-the-art technology solutions that help and enhance the global green building movement, and, in particular, on True Carbon, Blue Ocean’s flagship product. True Carbon helps developers, contractors and architects measure the carbon impact of their construction projects by tracking the entire amount of carbon generated in building a given building.
“Our biggest goal at Blue Ocean is figuring out ways to make sustainability the easiest and only choice,” Bach said. “If companies really want to know how their projects are going, they need an accurate benchmark to start from.”
Bach will also work with clients to integrate sustainable practices into their construction projects and achieve their decarbonization goals.
Bach earned both bachelor’s and master’s degrees in architectural studies from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, along with certificates in sustainable design and historic preservation. For her thesis project, she explored ways to restore a decaying building while also retaining its historic character.
At the U.S. Green Building Council, she became an expert on all versions of LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) and the impact it’s having on the built world.
“You could say I’m a certification junkie,” said Bach who, as a LEED reviewer for Green Building Certification, Inc., helped hundreds of projects achieve all levels of LEED credentials.
Bach has worked on numerous building projects – both new and existing – across the hospitality, office space and academic sectors. Her background in traditional architecture, design and construction has been useful in helping clients understand how to incorporate sustainability practices in ways that make sense – both for their bottom line and for the planet.
“Kristina is one of only 30 people in the world to achieve all the credentials that LEED offers and we are honored to have her leading the charge toward a healthier and more sustainable world and to elevate her during Women’s History Month,” said Charlie Cichetti, CEO of Green Building Holdings.
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