Cambridge, Mass. — Kleinfelder has been recognized for outstanding work in the field of climate change risk and resiliency with a Business Achievement Award from Climate Change Business Journal (CCBJ).

Each year, CCBJ recognizes outstanding business performance in the climate change industry with the CCBJ Business Achievement Awards. This year, the award for consulting and engineering was given to Kleinfelder for its extensive achievements working with local governments and infrastructure managers in New England and the Mid-Atlantic on climate change adaptation and resilience.

This past year — 2015 — was the warmest on record, shattering previous highs. It also brought unprecedented weather extremes to the US, including record floods, droughts, and blizzards. With climate change impacts already being felt — and authorities warning of more to come — public and private sector leaders are seeking expert advice on what to expect and how to better prepare for the inevitable.

Kleinfelder’s climate change service line integrates science, engineering, architecture, and planning to provide clients with holistic strategies for anticipating and managing climate change stresses and extreme weather shocks. With a toolbox of tried-and-true methods and extensive multi-sector experience, Kleinfelder has the flexibility to serve clients of all types and sizes.

Service offerings include climate modeling, vulnerability and risk assessment, resiliency planning and design, emergency operations planning, policy development, community planning, stakeholder engagement, and geo-spatial and 3D visualization.

Kleinfelder’s success stems partly from its ability to translate global and regional climate science into decision-making information used at the local level to inform near-term priority actions as well as longer-term planning. Kleinfelder has also revolutionized design standards that take into account climate change so that long-lived investments withstand the tests of time. 

Robbin Peach, Program Manager of Resiliency for the Massachusetts Port Authority (Massport) credits Kleinfelder with helping make Massport's critical assets more resilient to climate change and extreme flooding events: "The expert team at Kleinfelder helped us prioritize and implement our investments in flood proofing our facilities—from identifying appropriate temporary flood barriers to designing permanent solutions and creating operational flood plans. Such technical assistance not only helps protect Massport but also our regional economy. Their award is well deserved."

The 2015 CCBJ awards will be presented at a special ceremony at the Environmental Industry Summit XIV in San Diego, California on March 9-11, 2016. The Environmental Industry Summit is an annual three-day executive retreat hosted by EBI Inc.