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Kevin Martin Joins HDR as Transportation Digital Delivery Services Advisor

Kevin Martin Joins HDR as Transportation Digital Delivery Services Advisor

OMAHA, Neb. — Kevin Martin has joined HDR as the transportation digital delivery services advisor.

Based in Columbus, Ohio, Martin will provide strategic support and technical expertise for digital delivery advisory projects for highway and roadway clients, including the Federal Highway Administration, the American Association of State and Highway Officials, state departments of transportation and local public agencies. He will be joining HDR’s industry-leading group of digital delivery transportation experts, who are assisting clients across North America in developing digital delivery standards and planning for agencywide implementation of digital delivery. As the adoption of 3D model-based deliverables increases, he will also work with HDR’s construction engineering and construction management experts to improve interdisciplinary coordination, manage project risks and optimize constructability.

“The opportunities today are nearly endless as our industry is on the precipice of this digital transformation,” Martin said. “I truly believe that BIM/digital delivery is a more efficient and accurate method for creating, delivering, managing and maintaining U.S. infrastructure networks. My passion has and always will be assisting DOTs and other agencies with strategic planning for their migration to a BIM-based program.”

Martin spent 25 years with the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet, primarily working in design technology. Martin led the DOT’s migration to a BIM-based business model and oversaw the implementation of advanced modeling software and practices. Well known as an industry leader, he was also president of the Highway Engineering Exchange Program in 2017 and served for several years on the board of directors. He was honored with HEEP’s Ken Close Lifetime Achievement Award in 2021.

“Kevin’s decades of DOT and transportation industry experience and extensive relationships provide him with the specialized insights to assist state DOTs and other major transportation agencies with digital delivery-based implementation strategies,” said HDR Global Highways Director Will Sharp.

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