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Join Forecasting enhances accuracy and reduces risk with Project Comparisons

Join Forecasting enhances accuracy and reduces risk with Project Comparisons

Join, the decision-making platform for the built environment, announces the launch of Join Forecasting, a new suite of tools that leverage historical project data for project comparisons and conceptual estimates, functionality that will continue to be enhanced through future development.

With Join Forecasting’s initial project comparison feature, contractors and their teams can collect historical estimates and other current project data into one location. From there, they can easily catalog, access and share accurate project information, supporting transparency and informed solutions throughout the life of a project.

“Join Forecasting uses the past to explain the future,” said Andrew Zukoski, co-founder and CEO of Join. “Early in project lifecycles, design and construction teams need to align with owners on cost and scope. Historical data can accelerate this. However, until now, that historical data lives in a second system that is both laborious to populate and disconnected from other design and preconstruction workflows. Join Forecasting integrates these workflows, enhancing the unified, cloud-hosted and collaborative experience that Join already provides.”

With Join Forecasting, general contractors can:

  • Collect accurate historical project data and current and future data, providing confidence that a project comparison or conceptual estimate is backed by accurate and accessible information.
  • Store data in an easy-to-navigate and highly searchable location that can be shared with project stakeholders.
  • Create professional, polished comparison and estimate reports and presentations.
  • Share the data behind the estimate so owners gain confidence in their experience and have assurance that projections are realistic.

“A useful project comparison starts with having reliable historical data,” said Christina Brown, Head of Product at Join. “If the information is too hard to find, incomplete, or inaccurate, it increases the chance that your estimates will be incomplete or inaccurate, too. That could lead to budget busts that negatively impact your reputation or your project’s bottom line. With Join Forecasting, general contractors can work with confidence that projects start strong and stay under budget.”

“The Project Comparison tool of Join Forecasting leverages your historical benchmarking cost information by allowing your preconstruction teams to automatically calculate and display the averages of your proven cost data,” said Tony McDaniel, preconstruction director for Messer Construction. “This sets meaningful targets that your owners, design teams and estimators can rely on.”

For more information, visit https://join.build/.

About Join

Join, the decision-making platform for the built environment, is a collaboration software that addresses the multidisciplinary nature of AEC decision-making. Join allows all stakeholders to gain real-time visibility into each decision and its impact. Industry leaders use Join to make timely and smart decisions that drive projects forward. Visit https://join.build/