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JobNimbus and Roofing.com Launch Partnership to Help Contractors Grow Their Businesses

JobNimbus and Roofing.com Launch Partnership to Help Contractors Grow Their Businesses

JobNimbus and Roofing.com Launch Partnership

JobNimbus set to be the official CRM of Roofing.com

LEHI, Utah  (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — JobNimbus announced today that it has launched a partnership with Roofing.com, a leading business consulting company that provides resources for roofing and solar professionals. The partnership makes JobNimbus the official CRM for Roofing.com.

“We believe in innovation, and we take pride in always striving to be our best,” said Hunter Ballew, Roofing.com Founder. “It doesn’t matter if everyone tells us that we did great last year, we want to be better this year. We feel like JobNimbus does the same exact thing.”

Roofing.com has created a community for growth-minded individuals through its annual RoofCon conference, personal development retreats, and online education platforms. The partnership with JobNimbus will broaden the education scope and deliver growth tools for that community.

Both companies have made it their goal to help roofers and home exterior contractors learn best practices for growing successful businesses, as well as create spaces for industry professionals to network. JobNimbus has continued to fulfill its mission of making contractors heroes by delivering on those objectives.

“It is an honor to be in partnership with a company that is so well-aligned with our mission,” said Ben Hodson, JobNimbus Co-founder and CEO, about Roofing.com. “Roofing.com, like us, cares deeply about contractors, their businesses, and their growth.”

About JobNimbus:

JobNimbus is a Lehi, Utah-based software company that serves contractors and business owners in the home services construction industry with its project management software, growth services, and innovative app for contractors. Since being founded in 2013, JobNimbus has expanded its offerings across 11 home service industries, specializing in roofing, solar installation, and exterior renovations. For more information about JobNimbus, visit https://www.jobnimbus.com/.

About Roofing.com

Roofing.com is a personal and professional development company that provides coaching and events for roofing and solar professionals of high-integrity to learn from top industry leaders, network with other like-minded individuals, and connect contractors with the best resources necessary to succeed. Our purpose is to help these professionals increase revenue, grow their businesses, and develop as leaders and individuals. For more information about Roofing.com, visit https://roofing.com/.