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Jetoptera and VZLU, Supported by GE Aviation Czech, Announce Progression to Next Phase of Testing

Jetoptera and VZLU, Supported by GE Aviation Czech, Announce Progression to Next Phase of Testing

SEATTLE and PRAGUE, Czech Republic (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Jetoptera and VZLU (Výzkumný a zkušební letecký ústav), the Czech Aerospace Research Center, successfully completed the preliminary design of the test vehicle for the largest scale test to date of Jetoptera’s patented Fluidic Propulsive SystemTM. The design of the test vehicle is supported by GE Aviation Czech that will provide a gas generator based on the successful H80 engine core. The GE H80 is an 800 HP turboshaft engine.

In phase 1, the test vehicle will be tested statically using a specially designed dynamometer for the fluidic propulsor characterization. Subsequently, phase 2 will extend testing to vertical take-off, hovering and landing. Testing activities are expected to start in June 2020. 

About Jetoptera:
Jetoptera is a propulsion system, drone, and aerial mobility company with the vision to create a world where aerial mobility is commonplace. We have developed a revolutionary propulsion system integrated with a novel airframe that is ideal for vertical and short takeoff and landing (V/STOL). The Fluidic Propulsive SystemTM involves no spinning propellers or fans on the outside of the aircraft, resulting in an extremely compact design. It is scalable, from small unmanned to large manned aircraft and has many advantages over other approaches: faster, simpler, quieter, more compact, and lower cost. Our mission is to use fluidic propulsion to enable V/STOL aircraft of an unmatched combination of speed, range, payload, and efficiency to transport cargo and people.

About Czech Aerospace Research Centre (VZLU):
Czech Aerospace Research Centre (VZLU) is a national centre for aerospace research, development and testing. Its mission is to provide scientific support and bring innovative solutions for the industry. The Centre was founded in 1922 and since then has been involved in all major national projects.

Connect with Jetoptera:
LinkedIn at https://www.linkedin.com/company/18447683/
Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/Jetoptera/
YouTube at https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCc7hrqMeTpKlpV_vsd-_LdQ