Dallas — Jacobs received a contract extension to continue as program manager for future phases of the City and County of Denver’s National Western Center campus redevelopment program. The National Western Stock Show has been a global attraction for more than a century, and the expanded facilities will establish the campus as a year-round destination for diverse programming in agriculture, water, health, environment and energy.

As a key part of this contract extension, the company will support the City and County of Denver to deliver ambitious goals outlined for future phases of work on approximately 60-acres of the site referred to as The Triangle. The City and County of Denver advertised on March 1, 2019, for a development partner on The Triangle project, which includes redevelopment of the 1909 historic stadium building, a new 10,000 seat arena, a new expo hall, supported structure parking and development of 42-acres of the site for revenue-generating real estate use.

“The National Western Center Program is about more than buildings and infrastructure, it’s about building beneficial partnerships and enriching the local and regional communities – all while delivering outcomes that can be broadly applied and scaled to address similar challenges globally,” said Jacobs Buildings and Infrastructure Americas Executive Vice President and General Manager Greg McIntyre. “I live in Denver and am passionate about Jacobs improving its livelihood, alongside the city, county and program partners, to preserve the history of the center, maintaining the strong connection to its surrounding neighborhoods for locals and out-of-state tourists for years to come.”

Since joining as program manager in 2016, Jacobs has assisted with land acquisition, rail consolidation and site remediation in support of the program’s first two phases, including connection facilities for a new commuter rail system, a 20-acre stock yard/event center multi-use space, a water resources center and river restoration plan.

“The Mayor’s Office of the National Western Center and our partners are committed to creating a revolutionary campus that will provide a broad focus on entertainment, food, animal health, water, agriculture, livestock, equestrian, sustainability and the environment, and with Jacobs’ help, we are making good on that commitment,” said Executive Director of the Mayor’s Office of the National Western Center, Gretchen Hollrah. “Jacobs has been an incredible partner and I’m confident they will help us build a facility that will engage current and future generations through these new programs and facilities.”