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It’s Almost Time for the 2024 ElevateHER Symposium

It’s Almost Time for the 2024 ElevateHER Symposium

In its fifth year, ElevateHER™ continues to push boundaries and to dedicate resources to helping the AEC industry recruit, retain, and engage the best minds in the industry. This year’s symposium will be held at the Rayleigh Underground in Irving, TX on March 6. The venue will serve as the ideal backdrop for this dynamic event. 

The implementation of DEI principles within the AEC industry is crucial not just from the ethical standpoint, but also because of the practical advantages it brings to the table. Diverse teams often bring varied perspectives, ideas, and solutions to the table, leading to innovative approaches in construction and design. This diversity of thought can lead to breakthroughs, challenge the status quo, and foster innovation, which is pivotal in the continuously evolving AEC landscape.

Additionally, an inclusive work environment attracts and retains top talent. According to a Glassdoor survey, more than three in four employees and job seekers (76 percent) report that a diverse workforce is an important factor when evaluating companies and job offers. A diverse and inclusive work environment signals a company’s commitment to equity and fairness, and this can significantly enhance a firm’s reputation and brand image.

DEI initiatives also ensure that the AEC industry is reflective of the society it serves. Buildings, infrastructure, and public spaces play an important role in shaping our communities. That’s one of the main reasons why it’s important that the people who design and construct these spaces encompass a wide array of backgrounds and perspectives to best meet the needs of diverse populations. 

Attend and benefit   

If you’re teetering on whether to attend or not, ask yourself these questions to help with the decision-making process: 

  • Do you want to turn inspiration into action? 
  • Are you tired of DEI buzz words and lip service? 
  • Do you want to dig in and gain a deeper understanding of the significance of DEI in the AEC industry? 
  • Are you ready to make meaningful connections with people who think like you do and want to improve the employee experience? 
  • Would you like an opportunity to learn, connect and collaborate?
  • Are you focused on building a sustainable workforce? 

If you answered yes to one or more of these questions, it’s time to sign up. The 2024 ElevateHER™ Symposium is designed for people who are interested in ensuring that the exceptional employee experience is the norm rather than the exception. It’s for people who are dedicated to solving the industry’s top challenge: recruitment and retention – through the lenses of equity, diversity, and inclusion. 

The symposium will: 

  • Inspire you by presenting real-world examples, successful case studies and evidence-based insights. 
  • Challenge you to create more sustainable and impactful DEI initiatives. 
  • Empower you to become better employers and attract new talent while retaining existing talent. 
  • Equip you with effective strategies and approaches to enhance your organization’s ability to engage and retain a diverse workforce. 

An agenda that delivers

General admission includes a welcome mixer and reception for those who plan to arrive the night before. This takes place on March 5 from 5:00 to 7:30 p.m. and will be co-hosted by the DFW Women’s Cohort. 

March 6 delivers a full day of mini workshops and keynote speakers with a reputation for being leading change agents in the industry. The opening keynote is Tia Perry, executive director at AEC Unites. She’s an award-winning diversity, equity, and inclusion leader with a proven track record in construction association management and driving membership growth. Other keynotes include Daniela Ramirez, the director of DEI at the Dallas Regional Chamber where she works to strengthen DEI culture in the organization and throughout the Dallas region; and Áine O’Dwyer, principal and CEO of Enovate Consulting, an engineering and construction management firm. Due to her commitment to diversity and inclusivity, her company is ranked on several Fortune lists for its company culture.

Game-changing workshops range from turning ideas into action to bringing home the buy-in; and panel discussions serve as the ideal platform for sharing ideas that work. View the complete agenda here: https://zweiggroup.com/pages/elevateher-symposium#link-schedule

Make a lasting impact 

DEI is not just a moral imperative, but a strategic necessity for the AEC industry. It fuels innovation, enhances talent acquisition and retention, and ensures that the industry remains relevant and effective in addressing the multifaceted needs of the society it serves.

So, are you ready to sign up and start making an impact today? Register here: https://zweiggroup.com/products/elevateher-symposium-2024 and book a discounted room (by Feb 20) at the trendy and luxury boutique hotel, Texican Court, right across the street: https://www.texicancourt.com/

And, if you’re interested in joining some of our existing sponsors such as: JQ Engineering, Galloway, Tamarack Grove and Urban Engineers, learn more about sponsorship opportunities here: https://zweiggroup.com/products/elevateher.