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Is Real Estate Photography Impactful for Business?

Is Real Estate Photography Impactful for Business?

Real estate agents need more than photographs to showcase property. With the dawning of social distance, the business use of videography became a hot topic. Drones pushed the boundaries and the potential for profit to nearly infinite.

Because 72 percent of buyers would prefer learning about properties on videos, most digital marketing resources are directed toward video content. Videos have limits for capturing a property’s outdoor aspects.

Professional video photographers do not have the ability a drone has to fly. Customers looking for their dream property look for more than what is between the walls. Real estate drone photography helps tailor offers to their needs.

Capturing the Surroundings

Outdoor spaces are an under-exploited aspect, especially for luxury real estate. Real estate drone photography provides crucial and accurate details about the features of a property. It could be a perfect garden or pool.

Such drone photography real estate video emphasizes the features that add value to a property. Drones produce stunning aerial footage with a higher standard of quality than simple videos. The opposite effect is something buyers appreciate. The sharp photos of a property may match expectations until they discover the street or neighborhood is not somewhere they want to live.

Professional drone photographers capture the property’s outdoors and the neighborhood’s best features. A 360-degree walk-through is the closest representation to reality. It highlights the best features and contributes to an impressive virtual tour that is less expensive to develop than using a helicopter.

Benefits of the Use of Drone Photography in Real Estate

‘Location, location, location’ is a phrase often heard in the real estate industry. Among the most significant benefits of using real estate drones is the ability to view a property’s location regarding nearby airports, parks, amenities, and attractions. An aerial perspective is the best way of capturing the entirety of the layout.

Taking pictures is among the essential steps to sell a home. Traditionally, the shots were taken by a person standing in a backyard, garden, driveway, etc. The photos were combined with textual descriptions that gave potential buyers an idea of how the property looked and the layout.

It left much to the imagination. Using real estate drone photography shows the buyer a more accurate depiction of the property. A key to winning listings and selling homes is storytelling. Sellers want to list with agents having the latest tools of the trade, and buyers want as much information as possible.

The MLS (Multiple Listing Service) is a well-known property database that references details about the use of aerial shots for ‘Featured’ photos. Organizations such as NAR (National Association of REALTORS) indicate that real estate drones are rapidly becoming the new normal for the industry. Innovative companies use drones to attract savvy clientele.

Put Customers First

Nurturing a client relationship during the sales process means putting their well-being first. Provide a reason to live in a precise location. Be honest about negative points they may want to consider. Using real estate drone photography is not for amateurs.

Drones are expensive. You should not waste resources on costly materials that require practice to use correctly – especially for high-end listings. Hire an expert to capture the property’s unique perspective. It guarantees a high return on the investment. You gain an automatic advantage when you showcase a property in an ideal way. Business turnaround follows.

Among the most common scenarios for real estate photography is a realtor hiring a freelance drone pilot to take aerial photos and videos of a property. Aerial shots make a property more appealing to buyers, especially larger pieces of land and houses.

Real estate drone photography includes more than aerial video and photos. It captures visual data to create an Orth mosaic or 3D map of the property. Potential buyers use the maps to become familiar with a purchase they are considering. The most common property drone pilots hired are those for

  • Commercial Real Estate – Hotels and hotel facilities, business complexes, shopping centers, and malls
  • Large Areas of Land – Farms, ranches, golf courses, and big estates
  • Residential Real Estate – Communities, housing developments, and homes

Drones Are Social Media Winners

Drone footage takes content on social media to the next level. Real estate businesses must build a strong media reputation and presence. For Instagram, Flickr, YouTube, and Facebook, drones constitute the best opportunity for demonstrating a property’s potential with mouthwatering visual content and professional quality.

Best Real Estate Drone

If you choose to be a drone pilot, there are some things to consider in purchasing a camera drone to be used in real estate work. They include

  • Camera quality
  • Battery life
  • Flight modes
  • Payload options

You want a professional-grade camera having high enough quality that allows taking professional shots. The average residential shoot takes approximately an hour of flight time. Commercial shoots take longer. Keep that in mind when choosing a drone. You do not want to use up the battery life halfway through a shoot.

Some drones have pre-programmed flight modes. Artificial intelligent flight modes allow taking special shots automatically. The modes are helpful to both the new and experienced professionals for capturing dynamic images. As you gain experience, you may wish to attach a different camera to the drone. Consider whether the drone allows customized payloads.

Federal law requires real estate drone photography pilots to be certified by the FAA. There are some requirements to meet. They include passing the FAA Aeronautical Knowledge Test, known as the Part 107 test.