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Iowa approves plan to guide transportation spending

Iowa approves plan to guide transportation spending

Ames, Iowa — The Iowa Transportation Commission adopted a state transportation plan — Iowa in Motion 2045 — that will guide future investment and better position the state for the coming decades.

Iowa will be a much different place in 2045, and these changes will require a targeted, strategic approach to maintaining the state’s vast transportation system. The population is urbanizing, aging, and becoming more diverse. The economy is growing, but traditional employment sectors are changing. Automated vehicle technologies will greatly impact the movement of both people and freight.

How will the state of Iowa adjust to these changes? Where might the state have a need for expanded highways? What could be done to better accommodate on-road bicycling? Do we have enough money to support a well-maintained bus fleet? Answers to these questions and many more are in Iowa in Motion 2045.

View the Iowa in Motion 2045 plan and related information at www.iowadot.gov/iowainmotion/index.html.