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Intelligent Cities to reveal insights about urban life

WASHINGTON, D.C. — The National Building Museum has launched Intelligent Cities, a year-long investigation into how data and technology to reveal insights about urban life.

Intelligent Cities’ priority is drawing the public into a compelling, dynamic conversation about American cities, development, and technology, the Museum said. Readers are invited to answer poll questions about their quality of life related to their home, neighborhood, community, city, and region.

The poll is open to everyone at https://go.nbm.org/intelligentcities. Poll results, essays, videos, and other related content are also online. The Museum said it is asking these questions because it wants the public to think about what drives their decisions and what intended or unintended consequences those decisions might have.

Through Intelligent cities, the public is encouraged to join with experts in bold and provocative thinking on how to make our cities thrive. The initiative will produce data, analysis, and ideas on how new technologies are shaping cities and present this information in new and revealing ways.

For more information about the National Building Museum and its Intelligent Cities initiative, please visit www.nbm.org.