Smart Pavement, patented by Integrated Roadways, uses precast concrete sections embedded with digital technology and fiber optic connectivity.

Kansas City, Mo. — Integrated Roadways, a technology startup from Kansas City, Mo., is revolutionizing America’s highway system beginning with a key partnership with the Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) under their RoadX initiative to use next-generation innovations to solve infrastructure challenges.

Integrated Roadways (, in conjunction with partners Kiewit Infrastructure Company, Cisco Systems, WSP Global, and Wichita Concrete Pipe, will install one-half-mile of Smart Pavement on US 285 near Fairplay, Colo., to collect data on run-off-the-road (ROTR) accidents and send automatic notices of ROTR accidents to CDOT over a five-year demonstration period. The project features Integrated Roadways’ patented Smart Pavement technology, which makes roadways touch-sensitive to vehicle positions.

Each interlocking Smart Pavement slab incorporates accessible and upgradable digital technology that connects vehicles to the internet and provides real-time information to drivers about traffic, road conditions, and accidents.

“Smart Pavement is the future of our roadways, transforming roads into a digital platform for advanced mobility applications,” says Tim Sylvester, Integrated Roadways founder. “Smart Pavement identifies vehicle positions and behaviors in real-time, simplifying autonomous vehicle operation, providing dynamic traffic information, automatic notification for accidents, permanent vehicle counts, pavement condition indexing, and data-driven safety improvements. Future versions will make the road financially self-sustaining by selling access to data, connectivity, and services.”

Peter Kozinski, P.E., director of the RoadX Program( describes the pilot project this way: “RoadX is all about finding new opportunities and demonstrating – often on a smaller scale – that they work or bring value, so other DOTs have a higher level of confidence that they’re making a solid investment.”

Many government agencies and local municipalities are excited about the potential as shown by this new project award and Integrated Roadways is currently evaluating projects with a number of other states and municipalities.

“The internet and cell networks have revolutionized so much of our daily lives, yet roads haven’t improved for decades,” says Sylvester. “Our technology re-envisions roads as digital mobility networks, paving the way for greater improvements in everything from sustainable transportation funding to improved safety to mass adoption of autonomous cars.”