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Inside A ‘Land Exhibit’

Inside A ‘Land Exhibit’

By Teresa Grove

A Day In The Life Of A CAD Specialist

Today, I am putting together a deliverable we call an “exhibit.” It is a document which describes an easement location. In this case, a power company is purchasing a road easement from a private landowner, and our exhibits describe the location and extents of the private land the commercial company wishes to use to enable compensation negotiations between the client and landowner.

Coffey Surveyors Brandon Grove and Jeremiah Bershinsky in the field

How Long Does It Take To Make An Exhibit?

The actual office work behind an exhibit often takes anywhere from 4-20 hours depending on how many different parcels are affected and how much the client wishes to encroach.  

The work leading up to this is a little more extensive, as it requires the following:

What Are The Steps To Making An Exhibit?

  1. An up-to-date (“vesting”) deed is necessary to confirm accurate determination of the landowner and property location/boundary
  2. Field work will then solve the boundary and identify exactly where a road transfers from one owner to another
  3. Field crews collect hard shots on the roads (or whatever easement will be transferred) to identify the length and location to be compensated
  4. The deed will usually direct crews to Public Land Survey System (PLSS) corners, from which the property can be further solved in conjunction with a Land Surveyor (LS)
  5. The field data is taken to the office, processed to determine the accurate boundary, the length and area of the encroachment, and then displayed in a straightforward communication to quantify the affected land
Coffey CAD Specialist, Teresa Grove puts together an “exhibit” in our Laramie, Wyoming headquarters.

Who Might Need Such An Exhibit And Why?

This is a common request anytime a commercial client needs to cross private land to deliver their product (powerlines, telephone lines, internet cables, etc) or to access it to maintain such products.

What Is Coffey Engineering & Surveying’s Experience With Exhibits?

Coffey field crews have thousands of miles of experience searching for corners across Colorado, Montana, Idaho, Utah, Nebraska, and Wyoming.

Our boundaries are solved with direct oversight from our LS’s, and our CAD team is both experienced and efficient in delivering legal quality documents.

Thank you for reading our article written by Coffey Engineering & Surveying CAD Specialist, Teresa Grove. If you are interested in obtaining an exhibit or have an inquiry about other civil engineering and land surveying services, we invite you to contact us by email or phone (307-742-7425).