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Innovative Engineering Systems (IES) Announces Launch of New Brand and Identity: Agilitech

Innovative Engineering Systems (IES) Announces Launch of New Brand and Identity: Agilitech

Change reflects legacy of agile evolution, the company’s expansion into new industries, and a future of pioneering innovation.

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. — IES, a multi-faceted engineering and construction firm that provides tailored, integrated and agile engineering solutions and automation services from concept to completion, announced today the launch of a new corporate brand identity and name. The organization will now be known as Agilitech.

The re-brand of IES into Agilitech, and the recent launch of its Biotech group, mark the latest in a long line of out-of-the-box thinking that has shaped the company from day one and set a course for a future of proactive growth. Among other rebranding changes will be its logo, tagline, and new website www.agilitechgroup.com.

Some of the most successful entrepreneurs of our time have got to where they are today by embracing the philosophy that if you find yourself in a tight box, the way out is through invention and innovation. In other words, a challenge is always an opportunity if you can think outside the box. A recent Harvard Business Review article echoed this mindset in light of the Covid crisis, arguing for “innovating out of the shock.” It is this kind of thinking that has defined the journey of Agilitech since it originated as IES in 2002, and throughout this unprecedented pandemic.

Founded as an engineering and construction firm for the oil and gas industry, the company has since pivoted multiple times to leverage its experience, expertise and reputation to add value in other industries. When the oil and gas industry slowed, the team seized the opportunity to expand their engineering and automation services to the food and beverage industry. The right specialists were brought on board and a new division was launched in 2008. Through strategic mergers, investment and recruitment, the company has consistently accumulated the necessary expertise, resources, and capabilities to expand its offering. Most recently, with the launch of the Biotech group in 2020, the company once again demonstrated its flexible, proactive and future-focused approach.

“Even as we pioneer new ways of thinking, new processes, and breakthrough technologies, we remain committed to the values that have always defined us, of quality, integrity and innovation. We take the best that exists and make it better; and if it doesn’t exist, we design it.” – David Wolfer, Agilitech CEO.

Even in the most testing of times, during a global pandemic that has posed great challenges to business and created so much uncertainty, Agilitech has been evolving, innovating and re-positioning itself to grow and thrive. Right back in February 2020, in the early days of the crisis, such agility was identified as key to standing up to the challenge and emerging stronger on the other side:

“Responses to dynamic crises like Covid-19 put a premium on evolvability.” (‘Lead Your Business Through the Coronavirus Crisis’, HBR, February 27, 2020).

Thinking outside the box, at every level, is what sets Agilitech apart and drives its success. Take, for example, the launch of its Biotech group and breakthrough single-use technologies in the midst of a global pandemic. The company’s re-brand also encompassed its biotech group and launch of a new biotech website (https://agilitech.bio).

“The Biotech division is an opportunity for Agilitech to play its part in powering progress at the cutting edge,” says Phil Sanders, Biotech Division Manager at Agilitech. “Our market research confirmed that changing our name was the appropriate strategic move for us. While we wanted to accurately reflect our work in the new naming, we also wanted to enable opportunities to market the organization in pursuit of new opportunities for future growth and expansion.”

The team at Agilitech knows that if you just sit back and settle in, you’re going nowhere. The re-brand from IES to Agilitech, and the launch of the new website that unites the various industry operations, is a vivid and powerful testament to how the company has seized the opportunities of the past year rather than being boxed into a corner by its unprecedented challenges. Agilitech remains true to its foundational values, while at the same time embracing its own evolution.

So, whether the “tight box” is a slow-moving industry or a global pandemic, the team at Agilitech has shown that they have what it takes to adapt, grow and thrive.