Old Saybrook, CT – Infiltrator Water Technologies, a leading manufacturer of products for the decentralized water and wastewater industries, is pleased to announce the launch of a new septic tank. The new CM-1060 septic tank is a compression-molded septic tank manufactured using recycled polypropylene.  The CM-1060 is currently expected to be released for sale this spring.

The CM-1060 septic tank is the first in a new line of CM-Series tanks to be offered by Infiltrator. The CM-1060 septic tank is similar in design to the IM-1060 septic tank which was introduced by Infiltrator in 2010. The CM-1060 septic tank offers strength, efficient installation, and easier assembly. Like the IM-1060 septic tank, the CM-1060 is a two-piece septic tank offering shipping and storage efficiencies.  Looking forward, Infiltrator is planning new additional sizes of the CM-Series tanks.

“The CM-1060 septic tank brings advancements in manufacturing to Infiltrator,” said Roy Moore, Executive Vice President of Infiltrator Water Technologies. “The tank is compression-molded which is a first in the Infiltrator line of products. We spent years developing the process and we’re pleased with the result and features it will bring to our customers.  Most importantly, the addition of the CM-1060 represents significant increased tank production capacity to support customer demand.”