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InEight’s Newest Innovations Empower Collaboration for Improved Project Success

InEight’s Newest Innovations Empower Collaboration for Improved Project Success

An engineering inspected the structure road construction work at road construction. Supervise new road construction. Civil Engineer at expressway under construction.

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. – InEight, a global leader in construction capital project management software, has announced new innovations that will help collaboratively resolve design issues early on to avoid re-work, and embed quality control in all construction activities to enable progressive review and turnover of complex, multi-discipline projects.

The new Integrated Quality Management feature will help contractors close the gaps between quality requirements and daily work and mitigate risks that can de-rail successful project delivery. The feature will integrate Inspection Test Plans and checklists with construction work plans, field progress and project documentation, enabling contractors to secure rapid ongoing approval of project turnover requirements while avoiding quality issues or project delays. The feature will provide all stakeholders real-time oversight of project progress, improving accountability, streamlining project handover and supporting greater owner-contractor collaboration.

The upgraded Design Issue Management feature, part of the InEight Model solution, goes beyond clash detection and initiates an RFI, fostering multidisciplinary collaboration to monitor and manage design issues and prevent costly rework, safety issues or delays. The feature will include a user-friendly interface to help collaboratively spot and solve issues before they become costly later in the construction process, enabling adoption of collaborative delivery models such as design-build.

Brad Barth, Chief Product Officer at InEight, said: “As demand for construction continues to outpace delivery capacity, owners, designers, engineers and contractors are looking for ways to do more with less. InEight is fulfilling that industry need with an integrated, end-to-end process that enables a highly collaborative approach to issue management and quality requirements, from design through construction and turnover.”