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InEight’s Innovations Enable Unmatched Construction Visibility

<strong>InEight’s Innovations Enable Unmatched Construction Visibility</strong>

InEight Inc., a global leader in construction capital project management software, has announced new innovations that further realize its strategy of connecting 16 essential project controls business processes on a single, integrated platform. The new capabilities provide visibility across all construction project phases with live, “self-service” dashboards spanning scope, cost and schedule, providing the data foundation for AI to learn from past projects.

A comprehensive construction management platform, instilled with extensive construction industry expertise, is increasingly viewed as a superior alternative to multiple point solutions loosely strung together into a web of technologies that are difficult to maintain. By connecting end-to-end business processes from estimating to budgeting, from contract management to change management, and from document control to turn-over, owners, contractors and engineers can deliver smart capital projects that swiftly react to changes, with unprecedented collaboration and visibility across stakeholders.

The new innovations include a significant expansion of InEight Explore – live digital dashboards that provide full-spectrum visibility into project progress, costs and schedules, and changes and risks across entire projects and portfolios. Because the InEight dashboards are powered by embedded Microsoft Power BI, teams can easily define their own project specific KPIs, metrics and dashboards, with no database or programming knowledge required. This unique, self-service approach to dashboards and project analytics is a key ingredient in the elevated visibility and collaboration enabled through the InEight platform.

This window into current project information also extends to completed projects, providing new opportunities to benchmark and validate project plans using historical data. Indeed, InEight’s connected data approach lays the foundation for construction organizations to create an immensely valuable knowledge library that can be used to “train” AI models to augment human intelligence. InEight can already use AI to create new project schedules and make suggestions, with future uses of AI planned for numerous workflows cutting across scope, cost, and schedule.

Brad Barth, Chief Product Officer at InEight, said: “We’re seeing greater pressure on capital project budgets and timelines, and that’s leading to an increasing need for more accurate, risk adjusted project plans, and more efficient performance. InEight is heavily invested in solving these challenges, with a connected project controls platform that removes friction from workflows, and helps all stakeholders see the bigger picture to drive more predictable project outcomes.”