The partnership will harness IndustrialML’s enterprise platform to jointly distribute the one to ONE Holdings Smart Factory System.

Miami, FL – IndustrialML, Inc. (IML), an enterprise software company serving industrial customers, announces the expansion of its partnership with one to ONE Holdings (o2Oh) to develop and bring real-time smart factory solutions to the galvanized steel tubing market around the world.

IndustrialML has a diverse team of experts in manufacturing, enterprise software, and data analysis dedicated to helping the underserved majority of manufacturers – the 99% of companies looking to help their employees make and communicate decisions more quickly and effectively. Nearly all manufacturers are trying not to build new, fully automated factories that stop relying on human intuition; rather, they want to help employees make smarter decisions, both about setting up their production lines and responding to production issues, even as more and more tenured factory workers begin to retire. The IndustrialML platform helps manufacturers to integrate real-time data from multiple sources, visualize that data for actual line operators, provide real-time notifications and alerts with custom messaging and destinations depending on the stakeholder, and incorporate advanced analysis to enhance that data.

one to ONE Holdings is a group of companies that has provided innovative engineered products, services, and solutions for the steel tube manufacturing market for 90 years. It is expanding its focus to Industry 4.0/DX solutions for the secondary steel market together with IML. o2Oh has factories in Japan and Vietnam, a sales presence in India, and an engineering firm, Superior Technologies, in the United States which has built inline galvanized steel tube lines around the world for nearly four decades.

As part of the partnership, IndustrialML has developed and implemented its beta platform at the o2Oh companies Daiwa Steel Tube Industries in Japan and Daiwa Lance International in Vietnam. They are now expanding their commercial partnership to jointly distribute the o2Oh Smart Factory System through Superior Technologies, including the IndustrialML enterprise platform, outer diameter measurement device, perfect lot tracking system, and audio headsets for production floor communication for galvanized steel tube makers around the world.

“The expansion of our partnership with o2Oh is our company’s most exciting development to date,” said IndustrialML CEO, Arjun Chandar. “It has been a blessing to be able to develop our platform not in a lab (like so many other industrial IoT technologies), but by seeing its impact in real factories. Looking ahead, Superior Technologies has spent the better part of four decades as the expert provider of inline galvanizing technology for steel tubes worldwide, which opens up commercial relationships and built-in trust with the tubing industry which we could never have hoped to achieve on our own.”

“IML is a perfect partner for us because of its authentic passion for empowering operators and engineers on the plant floor. Based on our ongoing collaboration to develop a comprehensive Smart Factory System managing men, machines, and material/money in real time, IML will redefine technology and know-how adoption and transfer for the whole manufacturing industry,” said one to ONE Group President Shin Nakamura.