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According to the Plastics Pipe Institute, Inc. (PPI) the updated AWWA C904-22 contains information for the proper installation of underground PEX potable water service lines that is important and helpful especially with the growing need for replacing lead pipes. 

Named Crosslinked Polyethylene (PEX) Pressure Tube, 1/2 Inch Through 3 Inch for Water Service, it is the ANSI-approved standard for PEX tubing intended to deliver potable water into homes and buildings.  PPI is the non-profit North American trade association representing the plastic pipe industry. 

“The Bipartisan Infrastructure Law contains $15 billion for lead service line replacement (LSLR), and PEX is the ideal piping material for that work,” stated Lance MacNevin, P. Eng., director of engineering for PPI’s Building & Construction Division. “This AWWA standard, originally published in 2006, is for PEX tubing used primarily in potable water service line in the construction of underground water systems, and applies to reclaimed water and wastewater. PEX tubing certified to AWWA C904-22 can help installers meet the rapidly growing need to replace lead pipes, as well as other metallic service lines. PEX is also ideal for new construction and is widely used for this purpose.  

“PEX is a strong, tough, reliable material with exceptional resistance to chlorine and chloramines,” he continued. “PEX tubing has been used for water service lines in North America for more than 25 years, providing safe delivery of potable water and protecting the health of building occupants.  AWWA C904-22 is the controlling industry standard specification for this application that should be followed by system designers and installers.”

Updates to the standard include rearranged content for clarity, the addition of four types of approved PEX fitting systems, new definitions for design factor, potable water, reclaimed water, and wastewater, clarification of the requirements for a manufacturer’s quality-control program, plus Appendix A on “Design and Installation of PEX” has been updated and is intended to give guidance to both designers and installers.  The revised standard is available directly from AWWA at: https://engage.awwa.org/PersonifyEbusiness/Store/Product-Details/productId/158879601             Additional information and data about the use and installation of PEX is available from the PPI Building & Construction Division at www.plasticpipe.org/buildingconstruction.