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IMAGINiT Technologies launches enhanced ProductivityNOW eLearning platform

IMAGINiT Technologies launches enhanced ProductivityNOW eLearning platform

Baltimore ― Improved ability to search content, increased reporting, learning path assignment capability with due dates, and client branding opportunities are a few of the features of the new ProductivityNOW eLearning platform from IMAGINiT Technologies. Through a new partnership with Eagle Point, IMAGINiT’s ProductivityNOW eLearning offering is now built upon the powerful Pinnacle Series engine giving customers access to the precise Autodesk software eLearning courses they require so they can be more productive. This new engine also provides administrative tools allowing managers to better track their team’s training and professional development.

“With unrelenting project deadlines, many employees don’t have the luxury to leave their desk for formal training on an entire Autodesk software product when what they need is to learn specific features in order to improve their productivity,” says Kevin Kuker, vice president of training and support solutions, IMAGINiT Technologies. “To support a culture of continuous learning, we rebuilt our ProductivityNOW offering using the versatile Pinnacle Series platform as the foundation, and then layered on industry-leading learning materials from ASCENT complemented by videos from both IMAGINiT and Eagle Point. This powerful combination enables the right content to be delivered at the right time, ultimately making staff more productive and their employer more profitable.”

The enhanced ProductivityNOW eLearning platform makes it easy to:

  • train new hires on specific Autodesk software skills so they quickly become more productive,
  • develop power users who can effectively share their wisdom with their team, and
  • allow managers to efficiently administer and monitor the learning process across the organization.

“It’s true that ProductivityNOW offers a massive library of individual multimedia content pieces as well as entire software courses for the Autodesk products,” says Paul Burden, director of product development for ASCENT. “Now, the platform also enables tailored learning paths so that individual team members can learn specific techniques that improve workflows and performance.”

New ProductivityNOW benefits

Subscribers to IMAGINiT’s ProductivityNOW platform gain new tools that supplement the eLearning resources and technical advice from IMAGINiT’s industry experts providing “just in time” training tools. As a result, users of ProductivityNOW experience a myriad of benefits including:

  • continuous, on-demand learning to help employees when they are struggling with a task,
  • multi-modality learning that incorporates both text-based lessons and video demonstrations that visually depict the steps that need to be followed,
  • improved retention with user quizzes throughout the courses,
  • consistent onboarding approach for new employees, and
  • better management of employee skills development.

IMAGINiT’s ProductivityNOW portal connects users to an engaged community of technical experts, designers, and engineers through eLearning tutorials, practices exercises and quizzes that ensure learning comprehension and knowledge retention.

Learn more about IMAGINiT’s ProductivityNOW at www.imaginit.com/training.