ORLAND PARK, ILL. — In the wake of this spring’s historic floods, Illinois Governor Pat Quinn signed legislation giving municipalities across Illinois new tools to prevent flooding caused by outdated stormwater management systems. Senate Bill 1869 gives Illinois municipalities greater ability to build and invest in innovative stormwater management infrastructure to help mitigate damaging floods such as green roofs, rain gardens, bioswales, tree boxes, porous pavement, native plantings, constructed wetlands and more. The law expands existing law to include these items among the measures a municipality can employ to help prevent flooding.

“The historic April flood reminded us of Mother Nature’s strength and that we must work to protect our homeowners from future storms,” Governor Quinn said. “This law helps governments prepare for heavy rain before it happens and prevent the possibility of great damage and loss to our communities.”

The legislation grew from an initial proposal made by the Center for Neighborhood Technology, a long-time innovator of green solutions, and was supported by the Illinois Municipal League and Illinois Environmental Council.